Thermodynamics Laboratory

During second semester, all student undergoes Thermodynamics practical at this lab. Moreover, fourth semester Applied Thermodynamics practical for Mechanical and Marine student conducted at this lab too. Lab has several number equipment to explain the principles of thermodynamics through demonstrations and means of practical. Lab has industrial version of Boiler connected with steam turbine unit. Lab has facility to conduct the practical with steam too. Some of the instruments at the lab are, Red wood’s viscometer, Marcet’s boiler, Load test for Diesel Engine & Petrol Engine, Multi-stage compression test, Dead weight pressure gauge calibration etc.


Items list:

  • Dead weight pressure gauge calibration 
  • Marcet Boiler
  • Test panel with an Engine for value timing (1 cylinder 4 stroke Diesel) 
  • Steam Engine Model 
  • Flash Point Apparatus 
  • Indicator Spring Mechanism Calibration 
  • Redwood Viscometer (Ambica Scientifics)
  • Heat Exchanger Unit 
  • Steam power plant with separating and throttling 
  • Bomb calorimeter 
  • Multistage compressor test rig 
  • Load Test on a Diesel Engine Test Rig 
  • Load Test on a Petrol Engine Test Rig 


Staff members at the Thermodynamics Laboratory

Eng. (Mrs) NV Kularathne

Eng. (Mrs) NV Kularathne
Module leader - Semester 4

Eng. PDC Kumara

Dr. PDC Kumara
Module leader - Semester 2

Mr. KLDJ Liyanage

Mr. KLDJ Liyanage
Technical Officer

Banuka Lab Attendant

Mr. IRBM Ilangarathna
Lab Attendant

Mr. SAPT Karunarathne

Mr. SAPT Karunarathne
Boiler Operator 


Contact Details : Ext: 1533

Location : Mechanical Engineering Division , D2 Level,  Room No: D2706