DIVISION OF Mechanical Engineering Technology



Well qualified academic staff members serving to the Division and academic program teach through four semesters. Mechanical division offers common modules during semester one and semester two for all disciplines, including, Workshop Technology I & II, Engineering Drawing I & II, Engineering Mechanics, and Applied Thermodynamics. Field relevant modules are offered at semester three and four, which help students to investigate depth in Mechanical Engineering. Some of emerging technologies in Manufacturing such as, Automation & Mechatronics, Energy Technology, CAD/CAM systems, Production and Operations Management, Automotive Technology etc will be delivered through modules in second year of studies. 

Division has state-of-the-art labs and workshop facilities to build the necessary skill and knowledge to students. All facilities at the Division is divided into four main sub-groups, such as Manufacturing & Production, Energy & Environment, Automation & Control and Automobile. Each group has set of laboratories and workshops to deliver the content of Mechanical Engineering Technology from semester one to semester four.

After completion of four semesters of academic work in the first and second years in the institute, students undergo in-plant training in their third year of study, which covers semester five and semester six. Total time for in-plant training is nearly one year and students get an opportunity to train in well-established industries serving both local and foreign customers. 

This Division has a total of 38 permanent staff and provides their services to build an outstanding diplomate in Mechanical Engineering Technology. 

After completion of NDT in Mechanical Engineering Technology, students can obtain higher qualifications through following courses conducted by the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka (IESL), Open University OUSL, Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka (IIESL) etc.