Automobile Workshop

Automobile Workshop provides facility for Mechanical student to gain comprehensive understanding of Automobile Technology through fundamental concepts to advanced concepts via series of practical. Cut-models and hand operated models are available at the workshop which are enable student to observe the internal operations very clearly. Models, such as, transmission systems, power steering system, break system, 4-stroke and 2-stroke engine models, etc. Also workshop has engine simulators for advanced practical too. Workshop has facility to carryout running repairs of automobiles and two hoists available in this aspect.

Instrument/Machines available:

  • Gasoline Engine Simulator
  • Diesel Engine Simulator
  • Fuel Injection Pump Test bed (Calibrata- Friendsco Engineering)
  • Variable compression test engine (APEX Innovations (Pvt) Ltd)
  • Auto Diagnostic Analyzer (Texa)
  • Demonstration cut models of Engines, Gear Box, Differential, etc.,
  • Vehicle air-conditioning simulator 
  • Electrical Equipment Boards of Automobile
  • Cooling system of Automobile

Staff members at the Automobile Workshop

Eng. (Mrs) NV Kularathne

Eng. (Mrs) NV Kularathne
Module leader – Semester 1, Semester 4

Mr. KLDJ Liyanage

Mr. KLDJ Liyanage
Technical Officer

Mr. IRBM Ilangarathna

Mr. IRBM Ilangarathna
Lab Attendant


Contact Details : Ext: 1526

Location : Mechanical Engineering Division , D2 Level,  Room No: D2702