Control & Mechatronics Laboratory

This lab set of equipment to demonstrate and verify the applications in Control Systems, Instrumentations, Automation and Mechatronics systems. Several PLC training units and Pneumatic & Electro-pneumatic training boards are available at the lab to demonstration the Industrial Automation applications. Process controlling units also used to conduct the practical in control systems. Control system module and Industrial automation & Mechatronics module practical are conducted to Mechanical and Electrical/Electronics students at this laboratory.

Items List:

  • Digital Pendulum  (Feedback Instrument Ltd)
  • Elevator trainer kit (Feedback Instrument Ltd)
  • Magnetic Levitation System(Feedback Instrument Ltd)
  • Twin rotor mimo(Feedback Instrument Ltd)
  • Transducers kits (Feedback Instrument Ltd)
  • Process Control Trainer Unit(Feedback Instrument Ltd)
  • Dual Conveyer PLC work cell(Feedback Instrument Ltd)
  • Pneumatic and Electro - Pneumatic Training system.(Festo)
  • Coupled Tanks System (TecQuipment Ltd)
  • Programmable Logic Control Application (TecQuipment Ltd)
  • Basic Stamp Activity Kit (parallax)
  • Activity boot robot(parallax)
  • Digital Servo Kit (TecQuipment Ltd)
  • Programmable Logic Controller Unit (Gunt Hamburg)
  • Demonstration Unit for function of PLC (Gunt Hamburg)
  • Industrial sensor kit (Gunt Hamburg)
  • Calibration of Temperature measurement (Gunt Hamburg)
  • Inverted Pendulum control by Fuzzy (Gunt Hamburg) 
  • Bread Board
  • A/D Converters 
  • Power Supply
  • Digital Multi meters(Mextech)
  • Function Generator
  • Oscilloscope
  • Power supply unit(Feedback)
  • Dual Trace oscilloscope(GW INSTEK-GOS-630FC)
  • Function generator(GW INSTEK-GFG-2817A)
  • 3Gz Universal Counter(TTI-TF930)

Staff members at the Control & Mechatronics lab

Eng. JMP Gunasekara

Eng. JMP Gunasekara 

Ms GM Gamage

Ms. GM Gamage
Technical Officer

Ms. WMSS Wasala

Ms. WMSS Wasala
Lab Attendant


Contact details : Ext - 1519
Location : Division of Mechanical Engineering Technology, D1 Level Room No.718