Power Hydraulics Laboratory

Power hydraulic laboratory at the Division provides facility to get practical experience on fluid machineries and their different configurations. Theoretical concepts of Gear pump, Piston pump, Centrifugal pump, Series & Parallel configuration of pump characteristics etc practically demonstrated at this lab through a several number of practical sessions. 

Instruments and Machines:

  • Centrifugal pump 
  • Gear pump 
  • Piston pump test rig 
  • Series and parallel pumps 
  • Pneumatic trainer kit

Staff members at the Power Hydraulics Laboratory

Eng. H.M.S Bandara

Eng. H.M.S Bandara

KKM Sudharshana

Mr KKM Sudharshana
Technical Officer

Mr. Samantha Jayasiri

Mr. Samantha Jayasiri


Contact details : Ext - 1521
Location : Division of Mechanical Engineering Technology D1 level room no.716