The National Diploma in Technology is a three-year full time course where the third year is set apart for Industrial Training. Thus the period of Industrial Training is the bridge between academic studies at the University and professional competence as a Diplomate.

The primary objective of Industrial Training is to provide practical experience to enhance the understanding of the theoretical principles leant, and to acquire skills and competence in the relevant discipline, with the right work attitude, in order to effectively and efficiently contribute to Engineering Technology as a Diplomate.

A student successful at the first and second year examinations and successfully completing the industrial training assignments and assessments becomes a fully qualified Diplomate.

The Industrial Training Division of the Institute of Technology is an independent service unit. It is presently located on the 3rd floor in room number U 3220, in the main Administration Building. The Industrial Training Division coordinates with the National Apprentice and Industrial Training Authority (NAITA) in organising Industrial Training for National Diploma in Technology (NDT) students in recognised organisations in Sri Lanka. In the selection of students to training organisations their academic performance at the examinations are taken into consideration.

The programme is so designed to have an industrial bias, with the inclusion of a compulsory 12-month period of Industrial Training. This will be in two recognised organisations, six months each accepted by NAITA and ITUM.

During Industrial Training, students are expected to maintain a Daily Diary, submit Training Reports periodically and present themselves at face-to-face Interviews. Officers from NAITA, Academic and Training staff from ITUM will conduct visits to supervise the progress of the trainees. These evaluations are prerequisites to assess student’s level of performance during the period of training. Since the NDT programme is conducted entirely in the English medium, students are expected to develop their verbal communication and report writing skills at the English language classes conducted during the first year. This will help them during the Industrial Training period.