Mechanics Laboratory

During first semester, all student undergoes Engineering Mechanics practical at this lab. Lab equipment to demonstrate the simple Engineering Mechanics to advanced concepts are available here. Mechanical and Marine student at semester three undergoes advanced Engineering Mechanics Practical in areas of balancing, vibrations etc at this lab too.

Instruments and machines:

  • Universal vibration apparatus 
  • Fly wheel 
  • Worm and wheel apparatus 
  • Gear Trains apparatus 
  • Belt and pulley apparatus 
  • Whirling shaft apparatus
  • Governor apparatus 
  • Hook’s joint apparatus 
  • Motorized Gyroscope apparatus 
  • Cam analysis apparatus 
  • Crank and connecting rod 
  • Static and dynamic balancing 
  • Inclined plane and friction apparatus 
  • Screw jack 
  • Trifilar suspension apparatus 
  • Rotating beams apparatus 
  • Centrifugal force apparatus 
  • Liquid column apparatus 
  • Linear vibration apparatus 

Staff members at the Mechanics Laboratory

Eng.JMP Gunasekara Eng. JMP Gunasekara
HMS Bandara Eng. HMS Bandara
Module leader - Semester 3
Ms. MDGM Gamage

Ms. MDGM Gamage
Technical Officer

Ms. RMAM Rathnayake

Ms. RMAM Rathnayake
Lab Attendant


Contact details : Ext : 1520
Location : Division of Mechanical Engineering Technology D1 level room no.717