The laboratory provides a unique hands-on learning experience for students to grasp the fundamental principles and applications of analog and digital communications. This lab is equipped with modern measuring instruments including digital oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzer, signal generators, data network equipment, advanced trainer panels including Optical fiber kit, Optical bench kit and etc.

Software such as MATLAB & Simulink, Cisco packet tracer have been installed in our labs to enable students to learn and understand the engineering design and simulation techniques.

Currently this lab is used to conduct semester III & IV modules under the NDT program; 
ET2303 – Telecommunication Systems, ET2402 – Data communication and Networking, ET2406 – Wireless and Mobile communication & ET2405 – Optical Fiber communication




Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum Monitoring, High accuracy power measurements, Modulation analysis functions, Cable and antenna tests.

Digital Oscilloscopes

Dual Channels/200 MHz, 150 MHz, 100 MHz, 70 MHz, 50 MHz, bandwidth models/Up to 2 GS/s sample rate on all channels

Arbitrary/Function Generators

Dual Channels/ 25 MHz Sine/ 200 MHz frequency counter/ 12.5 MHz Pulse/ Arbitrary waveform, 14-bit / Sampling Rate - 125 MS/s

Modulation & Demodulation Trainer Panel

All the basic types of modulation and demodulation techniques

Transmitter & Receiver Board

Universal training system for the transmission of signals with optical fibers, infrared link and wired line

Optical Bench & Coaxial Board

Training Board for experiments with a screened line

Fiber Optics

This experiment board for creating, checking, measuring and troubleshooting communications systems which use optical fibers

EPABX Trainer Panel

3 direct lines and 8 extensions lines

Networking Devices & Tools

CISCO Routers & Switches. For conducting computer networking practical.

In-charge of Laboratory    
Ms. S Rajagopalan

Eng. (Ms.) S Rajagopalan

Mr. D M B P Dhanapala

Mr. DMBP Dhanapala
Technical Officer 

Mrs. HHMTHMKW Menike

Ms. WNPK Wickramagedara
Lab Attendant