This laboratory has been setup mainly to teach practical aspects of electrical installation engineering. Under that, domestic and industrial electrical wiring, control circuit wiring practical are conducting. The students are being familiar with relevant circuit breakers, cable sizes and other required equipment.

There are ten test benches and there is fifty number of student capacity at once.




Digital Earth Tester

Power DB line testing, In house wiring testing, Measuring earth voltage, Testing electrical appliances

Non-Contact Safety Phase Indicator/Polarity Tester

Testing polarity

Digital Insulation/Continuity Tester

Checking the power source of the circuit under test, Measuring insulation resistance

Digital PSC-Loop Tester

Measuring fault loop impedance and prospective fault current, measuring old TT system, measuring line impedance and PSC (Prospective short circuit current), Checking wiring & Measuring voltages

Digital Light Meter

Measuring lumen values

Digital Clamp Meter

Measuring AC current, peak current, DC, AC voltage, resistance

Digital RCD(ELCB) Tester

Testing RCD's (Residual current device) to verify that they are not too sensitive, Measuring the trip time, Testing DC sensitive RCDs & Measuring the trip out time

In-charge of Laboratory
Mrs. BAS Priyanka

Mrs. BAS Priyanka

Mr. BCK Karunarathna

Mr. BCK Karunarathna
Technical Officer 

Mrs. HHMTHMKW Menike

Mrs. HHMTHMKW Menike
Lab Attendant