The Power Systems Laboratory has been set up to demonstrate the practical aspects of Electrical Power Systems to students It conducts demonstrations for Electrical, Electronics and Marine Engineering Technology students under various modules.

It possesses laboratory components to demonstrate several experiments on various subject areas such as Power transmission, Distribution, Power System Protection etc.The Power Systems Laboratory facilitates in carrying out research projects and other testing work. 


The power system laboratory is equipped with trainer panels and components with state of the art technology. 



Power System Protection Trainer Panel

Consists with Micom P643, Fully IEC 61850 compliant relay. Facilitates,

  1. CT operation
  2. Transformer differential protection
  3. Restricted Earth Fault protection
  4. Overcurrent protection
  5. Earth Fault protection
  6. Breaker fail protection

230 KV Transmission Line Model Trainer Panel

Three phase model of a 100km long, 230 kV overhead power transmission line. The model nominal values are 3X400V, 2A. Facilitates observe the transmission line behavior under different load conditions.

Distribution Line Trainer Panel

To conduct experiments to study the distribution line behavior

Suspension Insulator String Model (Trainer Panel)

Conducts experiments to demonstrate the behavior of suspension insulator strings and how it influences the performance of transmission lines.

Load And Diversity Factor Trainer

Conducts experiments on Load Factor and Diversity Factor.

Earth Resistance Tester

Measurement of Earth resistance (Wenner bridge – Wenner four pole method)

Energy Measurement Trainer

To measure the energy consumption

For the proper conduct of above laboratory sessions, peripheral/ supportive equipment such as Volt Meters, Watt Meters, Multi Meters, Ammeters, Phase Shifting Transformer, Variable Transformers (Single Phase & Three Phase) etc. are also available in the Power Systems Laboratory.

In-charge of Laboratory    
Eng. (Mrs.) D Y Tharangika Bambaravanage

Eng. (Mrs.) D Y Tharangika Bambaravanage

Mr. B C K Karunarathna

Mr. BCK Karunarathna
Technical Officer 

Mr. G K G H W K Jayawardhana

Ms. AM Karunanayaka
Lab Attendant