The Division of Civil Engineering Technology is committed to provide laboratory facilities, equipment testing facilities and computing infrastructure to diploma students and to researchers.
Division of Civil Engineering Technology comprises six laboratories as follows:


Apparatus and Tests Facilitates

Lecturer In-charge

Officer In-charge

Lab Attendant

Structural Mechanics & Materials Laboratory (D3101)

Tensile Testing Machine, Torsion Test Machine, Helical Spring Apparatus, Buckling of Struts Testing Apparatus, Buckling Simulation Apparatus, Deflection of Beams Apparatus, Vicat's Apparatus, Compressive Strength Testing Machine, Vee Bee Consistometer, Compacting Factor Apparatus, Slump Test Apparatus

Dr. (Mrs.) NPK Semananda

Mr. KR Pitipanarachchi

Mr. HASS Kumara

Soil Mechanics & Highway Engineering Laboratory (D3102)

Triaxial Test Equipment, Direct Shear Test Apparatus, Atterberg Limit Test Equipment, Standard Proctor Compaction Apparatus, Sand Cone Density Apparatus, Bitumen Penetration Test Apparatus, CBR Test Apparatus, Consolidation Test Apparatus, Falling Head Permeability Apparatus,

Constant Head Permeability Apparatus, Core Cutter Apparatus, Fall Cone Liquid Limit Apparatus, Sieve Set with Shaker, Stirring Paddle for Hydrometer Test, Soil Sample Extruder, Manual Marshall Compactor, Marshall Stability Test Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Value (AVI) Testing Apparatus, Bitumen Mixing Machine.

Mrs. MMPD Samarasekara

Mr. KR Pitipanarachchi

Mr. HASS Kumara

Environmental Laboratory (D3103)

Jar Test Apparatus, PH Meter, Conductivity Meter, Color Meter, COD Digestion Apparatus, Laboratory Water Bath Apparatus, Distilled Water Plant, Desiccator, Cooling Incubator, Oven

Dr. (Mrs.) NPK Semananda

Mrs. WD Lakmali

Mr. MA Sumeda

Hydraulics Laboratory (D3104)

Metacentric Height Apparatus, V-NOtch Apparatus, Center of Pressure Apparatus, Bernoulli’s Principle Demonstration Apparatus, Hydrostatic Pressure Apparatus, Flow Measurements Apparatus, Hydraulic Jump Apparatus, Hydraulic Bench & Hydrodynamic Trainer, Centrifugal Pump, Pipe Friction Apparatus, Orifice Meter, Double Ring Infiltrometer, Losses due to Bends & Fittings Apparatus, Free & Force Vortex Apparatus, Impact of Jets Apparatus, Pipe Network Bench, Sample Pipe Connections

Mr. DN Gunasekara

Mrs. WD Lakmali

Mr. MA Sumeda

Geomatics Laboratory (ZO107)

Auto Levels, Digital Theodolites, Total Stations, GPS instruments, Manual Drawing Equipment for 100 students

Mr. AUVB Bulathsinhala

Mrs. SAGK Senanayake

Mr. GGAMT Amarasinghe

Computer Laboratory


Facilitates for 80 students at once

Mr. WLS Maduranga


Mrs. PGAL Karunarathna