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Course Modules

Semester 3: CI 2305 - Project I

Semester 3: CI 2309 - Surveying and Levelling I

Semester 4: CI 2408 - Project II

Semester 4: CI 2409 - Surveying and Levelling II

Semester 4: CI 2411 - Survey Camp

Feilds of Spcializations

Civil Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering


Research Publications


  1. Bulathsinhala, A.U.V.B., and Puswewala, U.G.A. (2022), Measurement of Shear Strength Capacity of Metamorphic Rock- Concrete Interfaces of Pile Sockets: A Laboratory Study, International Research Conference of ITUM, Volume 8, pp: 59-63
  2. Bulathsinhala, A.U.V.B., Udayangana, P.M.B.M and Thoradeniya, W.B.M. (2021), Seasonal Variation of Groundwater pH value: Interim results of a Case Study in Gampaha District, ITUM Research Symposium, Volume 8, pp:39-42
  3. Bulathsinhala, A.U.V.B., & Thoradeniya, B. (2019). Variations of pH value of groundwater in Gampaha district, Annual Research Symposium of ITUM, pp:47-50
  4. Thoradeniya, B., & Bulathsinhala, A. (2015). Community perceptions on drinking and domestic water: A pilot study, Transactions 2015, The Institution of Engineers 1(B) (pp. 263-270). Colombo, Sri Lanka.


  1. Bulathsinhala, A.U.V.B., and Puswewala, U.G.A. (2022), The Effects of Quartz and Feldspar Minerals on Formation of Bentonite Filter Cake Over Gneissic Bedrocks in Sri Lanka, Engineer, IESL, Volume 55, Issue 4, pp: 1-8
  2. Bulathsinhala, A. U. V. B., & Thoradeniya, B. (2018). Post ‘Rathupaswala Issue’: Neighbouring community perceptions of groundwater. Engineer: Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Sri Lanka, 51(4), 85-94.
  3. Bulathsinhala, A., & Thoradeniya, B. (2017). A comparative study of consumer perceptions of pipe-borne water. Incorporated Engineer: Journal of the Institution of Incorporated Engineers, Sri Lanka, 17(1).


NDT (Civil Engineering Technology), University of Moratuwa

M.Eng. in Civil Engineering, University of the West of England


Associate Member, Institution of Engineers Sri Lanka (AM- 24286)

Associate Engineer, Engineering Council Sri Lanka (210869)

Associate Member, Institution of Incorporated Engineers Sri Lanka (AM- 1367)

Graduate Member, Institute of Civil Engineers, UK.

Associate Member, American Society of Civil Engineers.

Special Awards

  1. The Winner (1st Place) of Three-Minute Thesis Challenge held alongside the Civil Engineering Research Symposium 2022 held on 1st of December 2022, organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Moratuwa.
  2. Certificate of Distinction for Master of Engineers Degree from University of West of England.
  3. Francis de Silva Memorial Award for the best NDT Diplomate who has obtained highest weighted average from all disciplines.
  4. Prof. O.P. Kulshestra Award for the NDT student who has obtained the highest weighted average in Civil Engineering.
  5. T.O.P. Fernando Award for the NDT student who has obtained the highest weighted average in Civil Engineering Technology.