Registration for the National Diploma in Technology - 2022/2023 Batch (Round III)

Registration for the National Diploma in Technology – 2022/2023 (Round III)
Institute of Technology University of Moratuwa

We are pleased to inform you that the list of candidates mentioned in the list uploaded in following link are eligible for the registration for the National Diploma in Technology – 2022/2023 intake (Round III).

If you wish to accept the offer, you are requested to be present to personally handover the duly filled forms uploaded in the same above link along with the originals of the following documents to the Institute of Technology, University of Moratuwa (ITUM) on 15th August 2023 at 8.30 a.m. for the registration.

Note: Please note that, the submission of the original of G.C.E. Advanced level Certificate (including the Z score) is compulsory to confirm your registration. If the originals of any of documents indicated as 1,3 and 4 below are not available with you at the time of registration, you may have to justify it with a valid reason for consideration.

You are required to pay Rs.5000/= as registration fee to Institute of Technology University of Moratuwa [Account Number 83062337 of Bank of Ceylon, Homagama Branch] and submit the original of the payment slip along with the following documents at the registration.

  1. School Leaving Certificate
  2. G.C.E. Advanced level Certificate including the Z score (Compulsory)
  3. Birth Certificate
  4. Character certificate recently obtained from the principle of the last attended school.
  5. Four (04) copies of recently obtained photographs (5cm × 6cm) signed by you and attested by a Justice of Peace or the Principle of the school at the back side of the photograph.
  6. Two (02) copies of recently obtained photographs (2.4cm × 3.6cm) in light blue background

Very Important:

  1. If you register for this course, you will not be eligible to register or/and to follow any other course in any government University/ Higher Educational Institution (HEI) at the same time. As such, actions will be initiated to inform the respective HEIs about this selection through the University Grants Commission to verify the status of your registration.
  2. If any deviation in the information submitted by the applicant has observed during the verification of original documents, registration of those applicants will not be confirmed at any circumstance.
  3. The field of study offered will not be changed.  
  4. Documents 1,2,3 and 4 submitted by you, will not be returned under any circumstances during your course of study at ITUM. Therefore, you are advised to keep certified copies with you. 

(If you have any clarification you may contact us through 0112124000 (Ext. 1122, 1120 or 0113460406 during 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 on working days).

Assistant Registrar/ Academic and Student Affairs